I’m sick. Waaaahhhh. The show must go on though! So with a heavy heart and a congested sinus (sinuses?) I struggled through a shoot. I wish I had more energy because it was a pretty neat day. Mr. Fantastic’s girlfriend, a talented makeup artist, was around so she made my face. She had this cool machine that used the incredible power of compressed air to apply makeup. The sensation was most interesting.

It was also Ruby’s first day on the show. It was lots of fun working with her and she did great, plus our vibe will only get better in the future. She hits me almost as much as Zoe does, which is a good sign, I think.

Seconds after the camera stopped, I totally crashed. I had no energy left. Freebasing NyQuil probably had something to do with this. I zombied (it’s a verb…really) my way through lunch and took the train home where I promptly passed out for four hours. Hopefully I can shake this thing soon. I don’t like feeling yucky.

Oh, I maintain that Best Best got me sick. That weenie.

Oh (x 2), this is the stupiderest thing I’ve seen in the last four years. I hope Gillette dies. Thankfully The Onion does too. 

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