23 Hour Party People So I was in Vegas for 23 hou…

23 Hour Party People

So I was in Vegas for 23 hours over the weekend. It was pretty lovely actually. I covered an event with Best Best, got really drunk, and caught up lots. It’s nice spending time with someone you’re completely comfortable with–not feeling obligated to cover up your abundant personality flaws is quite liberating. She needed a break from her life too and I think I helped her get away for a bit.

During the event, poker pro Daniel Negreanu said the sweetest thing. He mentioned that he only remembered two things from E3: all the noise and the interivew he did with Best Best/me. It was mostly her being her dorky/charming/spaz self, but it was really cool that he said that.

Oh, I also saw Kevin from IGN, which was a surprise. I should have guessed though since he runs the Stacked site. It was nice seeing an old IGN/GameSpy pal and I have great interview with him in his Bill Fillmaff character.

Now back to my normally scheduled life…which is pretty much work. I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been neglecting my social life for most of the summer. Getting drunk at press events doesn’t count (see the above comment about personality flaws). I really have no life right now. I hang out with (maybe) three people and they’re all going to be in Japan this week…which terrifies me because I’m ahead of schedule with work and will have time to hang out…except there’s nobody to hang out with. (Daughter, come rescue me from myself some time this week).

Also, summer’s over. It totally didn’t feel like summer. I didn’t get to do anything summery. Bleh. I’ve so focused on starting/adjusting to a new kind of work and worrying about getting signed for another batch of episodes that I haven’t really enjoyed the summer. I’ve had fun for sure and I totally appreciate all I’ve learned, but I wish I did something summery. Perhaps I’ll go to Hawaii to compensate.


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