The Waffle House Rules It’s like The Cider House …

The Waffle House Rules

It’s like The Cider House Rules, but different. So I spent the weekend in Kentucky for Justin/Kate’s wedding. It was a lovely ceremony with dorky/cute vows (particularly Justin’s). I’m so thrilled for them. In addition to witnessing two wonderful people pledge their lives to each other, I discovered my love of Waffle House. That place rocks and it’s so cheap.

During the reception, I spent most of my time (not including hanging with Kit, Rannie, and Peter) with Justin’s friends and family. A few of Justin’s wrestling pals were there, including Dan (Austin Aries) and Shawn (Daivari). I’ve met them both before and it was cool to see them. I sat next to Eric (Big Daddy Hoofer), who was super cool. We had some interesting dinner conversation, including this one part in the buffet line when some lady decided it was cool to share her leg shaving experiences with him because he’s a wrestler.

I spent lots of time with Justin’s biological dad, Waiko. He’s truly one of the most fascinating people I’ve met in years. He’s a logger (lumberjack for you newbs, tee-hee) from Ironwood, Michigan. First off, I think I went to Ironwood in a D&D campaign in fifth grade or something. Secondly, he just has such a different perspective from most people I meet. Yeah, I’ve never met a logger before so it was cool to hear his thoughts on things. Plus he gave me my new favorite expression: “Holy Balls!”

After the wedding, we hung out with a bunch of Kate’s friends. They were all really nice people. We went out for a bunch of drinks and talk. I was proud of myself for enjoying the reception without a drink, but was alarmed at how much better I felt around strangers after I had one (or five). Clinton was really nice and I hope he gives me a ring when he’s in SF next year. It was really cool meeting Danesh, since Kate has always spoken so wonderfully about him. It was even cooler meeting Danesh’s ridiculously gorgeous sister. I was so disarmed by her multifaceted beauty (cute voice, amazing eyes, really smart, all-around hotness) that I was looking for flaws in her. If I didn’t find any, I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing a woman like that exists. Thankfully I found one–her hands aren’t that cute.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot–Justin’s mom is so hot. Wow.

3 thoughts on “The Waffle House Rules It’s like The Cider House …

  1. I’m glad you had a good time.

    Hoof’s name is spelled with a “k”: Erik. Isn’t Donna amazingly beautiful in every way? I’m totally weirded out that you hit it off so well with Clinton. But it totally makes sense.

    My life is strange. πŸ™‚

  2. I prefer to call her Danesh’s sister. It just makes her seem less real. I’m still struggling with her existence. Real people are not supposed to be that beautiful.

    Clinton is cool! He’s Chinese (Taiwanese, no?) and he downs martinis like water. What’s not to like?

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