KY Countdown Bleh. I had a perfectly efficient da…

KY Countdown

Bleh. I had a perfectly efficient day planned. I was going to write my OPM story, finish playing Spartan, pick up dry cleaning, do some laundry, and pack for my 11:22PM flight to Kentucky. Unfortunately, I got a call at 11:30PM last night while I was Buddha Bar. Turns out one of the tapes we shot was not so good and I had to come in for some emergency edits that couldn’t wait until next week. I made a mature decision to stop drinking at 12:30AM and go home.

So I caught the 9:04AM train and went down to Yahoo!, rushed my OPM story (I really wish I had time to make it better), and asked Kit to pick up my dry cleaning. I’m now doing laundry. Packing shouldn’t take too long, but I’ll have to bring my Xbox so I can play Spartan while I’m in Kentucky.

Oh the downside, I’m pretty frazzled. I hate, Hate, HATE when I make perfect plans in my head and they don’t work out the way I want them to. I won’t get to relax as much as I would have liked in Kentucky. And episode VI won’t be as good as IV and V.

On a positive note, last night’s Activision interviews turned out pretty well. I also got to spend a lot of time with Ruby (don’t forget to check the bikini pics at the bottom. wow.) — my future cohost and Ms. Latina USA 2003, tee-hee — while I was editing. She took care of my Nintendogs and even found a Luigi hat! We have a pretty fun vibe. We really enjoy making fun of each other in a playfully sarcastic way. It’s quite big brother/little sister and I can’t wait to see how we work together on camera. Ted and I also came up with the brilliant idea of having Ruby fight Jade from EP in the “Battle of the Lustrous Ladies.”

Bleh. Four hours until my flight. Hopefully I can relax and stop thinking me so I can celebrate Justin and Kate’s wedding. I’m so truly happy for them. I just wish there was alcohol. That way I have an excuse when I chairshot Daivari.

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