Monday Night Raw Before I get to that, here’s the…

Monday Night Raw

Before I get to that, here’s the scariest thing I’ve seen in the last 38 days.

So last night reminded me of that part in Anchorman where Ron says something like, “Wow. That got out of hand quickly. I mean, it really escalated there.” I innocently went to a Codemasters event (to support my pal Laura, not to play the game). After several free pints of Newcastle, I got way too honest, ratted out Shane, and totally invited someone to his party this weekend. It mostly stems from the fact that I’m missing out on an excellent drunken time while I’ll be sober in Kentucky. Yeah, I got totally bratty. I fully own up to it. I was acting out and threw a tantrum of sorts.

Anyway, things moved on to Buddha Bar. There was lots of dice, more beer, and more silliness. One of the guys was a short developer from Codies. He was short and British (I suppose he still is) so I kept calling him Davy Jones and kept singing “Daydream Believer” to him. The name totally stuck. The whole evening was a little crazy and out of hand, which was a stark contrast to my original plan of stopping by the event and going home to capture footage for the show. Oops.

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