Serving it Up Actually, it’s more like not servi…

Serving it Up

Actually, it’s more like not serving it up. I played tennis for the first time in…well over a year (Phu, when was the last time we played?). My groundstrokes were okay. My volleys were okay. But man, I can’t serve for crap. This is alarming since my game has been reduced to relying on spin and my lefty-acity. I know what the problem is though. I’m taking my eye off the ball way too soon. I can cheat like that on my groundies and volleys, but when I do it on my serve all sorts of things go wrong. Oh well. It was fun to play and I’d like to play more. I’m officially calling out Phu.

On a related note, I probably should get some new racquets. The ones I have are really for a more advanced player (what I used to be). I should trade in my mid-sized, modestly-powered sticks for some oversized racquets with a little more pop. *sigh* I’d like to stick to Yonex, but I should probably see what they make these days.

Aside from that, I really didn’t do much over the weekend. I was a little tired from rushing episode III and I wanted to save my personality for the road trip (have to put on the idiot act for the kids ya know). I’m sure it’ll get a little bit crazy so I figured I’d get some peace/slash quiet before it all starts. Plus, kit introduced me to the wonder that is Paul Walker. I swear, it’s as if Shane were a Hollywood star–he’s just so breathtakingly bad.

I should probably send off emails and prep my PC for the road. I have to leave for the airport in less than five hours.

2 thoughts on “Serving it Up Actually, it’s more like not servi…

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  2. I think the last time we played tennis was two years ago?! Something ridiculous like that…

    We’re on opposite sides of the bay so it’s a little harder, but I think you’re in South Bay sometimes. Just let me know, I’ve been itching to play too.

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