Rayphoria ’05 So that was fun! I got to catch up …

Rayphoria ’05

So that was fun! I got to catch up with a lot of old friends, meet some new ones, steal some shades (thanks C!!!), and get into a little trouble. My time at the show was spent socializing, networking, drinking, ignore The Bravery (kinda wish I didn’t), and watching the Black Eyed Peas. I didn’t pay any attention to the awards (I’ll just watch it on TV) and I didn’t play any games (kinda wish I did). Some random thoughts:

– Since G4 had The Bravery does this mean they’ll team up with them to fight The Killers and Microsoft?
– The Black Eyes Peas were really fun live. Great energy. Fergie’s hot. Apl.de.ap is kind of weird, but I must support him for being Pinoy.
– Melissa was adorably giga-drunk, which makes her amusingly opinionated. Even I winced at some of the things she said. Tee-hee.
– Way too many G4 people have watched Reset. I felt really embarassed/sheepish when one of them would mention it to me. In my head it doesn’t seem quite real and I feel uncomfortable that real TV people have seen it. And I don’t mean to insult the Yahoo! Studios guys, Zoe, and Kat; it’s just my own silly issue in my own stupid head.
– I hung up on Cliff because Seamus wanted to talk. Sorry man. Priorities. Tee-hee.
– Oh, I told a company I’d go to their launch event in Singapore next week. I’m not sure I can get a shooter though. Oops. Better go sort that out now.

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