Flame On! So the Fantastic Four wasn’t that bad. …

Flame On!

So the Fantastic Four wasn’t that bad. I needed to see the movie since I love comics and aspire to be a superhero one day. My expectations were low and I was surprised at how entertaining Marvel’s first family was. All the heroes did a good job and my love for Jessica Alba has only increased. The big surprise was Reed Richards. From the trailers and stills, he looked totally lame, but Ioan Gruffudd did a nice job portraying Richards as a socially/romantically inept genius that harbors guilt for an experiment ruining the life of his best friend.

Unfortunately Doctor Doom absolutely sucked. In the comics he’s this brilliant, arrogant, and vengeful man that uses technology and arcana to power his evil schemes. He’s a complex character…certainly one of the more interesting Marvel villains. In the movie he’s this evil businessman that has super powers and stupid motives. You need good villains to have good heroes and the movie totally fails here.

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