July Idiot Tax But before I get to that, watch RE…

July Idiot Tax

But before I get to that, watch RESET!!!

So my TiVo remote has been acting funny for the last month or so. It would stop working randomly, which is incredibly annoying considering that it has changed the way I watch television–I really don’t like being without its features. Anyway, I decided to troubleshoot it last week. I tried changing all sorts of settings. I tried tweaking all kinds of options. I searched a few message boards to see how others have dealt with similar problems. After more experimenting, I consigned myself to calling TiVo tomorrow to see about sending it to be repaired…then I randomly tried changing the batteries–works fine now. DUH!!!

I’m actually surprised I didn’t try that first. Egon’s line from Ghostbusters 2 has stayed with me: “In science, we always look for the simplest solution.” So yeah. I skipped the simplest thing and tried out all these other (sometimes complicated) nerd fixes. Oh well. Live and learn.

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