Watch It!!! The first "real" episode of RESET is …

Watch It!!!

The first “real” episode of RESET is up. Watch it! It’s okay. There are eight-million things wrong with it, but it’s a step in the right direction (all things considered). So download it, stream it, stream it again, and love it so I can remain gainfully employed.

Here’s a sorta kinda director’s commentary on the whole thing, just for my special friends.

EA Sports
Going into the event, I was worried that the producers would be boring so I decided to interview some editors to add some energy. Originally I was going to be in the shoot with the editors, but I cut myself out. It was the right decision but the angle kind of sucks. Next time I’ll have the editors shot the same way as the producers (which makes it a total Filter rip off). Also, I shouldn’t have led with something that wasn’t host driven. Also (also), I will boycott publishers that give me 40 seconds of b-roll per game. Yuck.

Hmmm, what else. Oh yeah, initially I was going to only include print editors since I didn’t want to put the competition on Yahoo! I’ve changed my mind about that and will just grab the most dynamic person around (that’s not me, of course). Besides, I can then post on online editor’s Forums and mooch traffic from their fans.

Conker Party
It’s the usual Raymond-as-an-idiot show. This was a really fun shoot and a total bitch to edit. There was so much stuff. A lot of it got censored to keep it a family-friendly show. I totally understand why it was cut, but I threw my little creative tantrum anyway. The two girls at the end were so much fun. I got them kissing and feeling each other up (I would have cut the latter part anyway). The original outro had them sitting on my lap giving each other a secret handshake that was a little bit naughty. Hopefully Yahoo! lets me use an age gate so I can put up the cooler version in the future.

Marc Ecko
Zoe’s interviews are so much fun to watch. They’re totally bouncy, fun, and conversational. I like the piece overall, but wish we had more interesting b-roll. What the hell was with that clip of Trane climbing the ledge. There’s an entire minute of that on the tape. It’s kind of fun to watch Ecko speak very deliberately; you can totally tell he wants to speak all street, but is very mindful on how he comes across on camera. I miss Zoe. *sniff*

Studio Stuff
This will get better in the future. Kat was a bit nervous initially, but she did totally fine at the end. Her voice is so strong–commanding, yet approchable. She should slip into her South Carolina accent more–it’s super cute! Kat’s going to get better each time she’s in the studio…which means she’ll be exponentially better than me as a host around episode III.

I was pretty stiff. Part of it was that I was being really mindful about not being too fruity (lots of people told me I was totally ghey in the E3 special). Part of it I was being distracted by the Geoff/Kat dynamic. I think Kat totally thought that Geoff hated her, but he’s just a really gruff guy. Actually, he comes across as gruff and condescending, but he pretty much likes everyone. Oh well, Zoe thought he hated her too.

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