Time to Make the Donuts I’ve been pretty…Dionys…

Time to Make the Donuts

I’ve been pretty…Dionysian the last week. It’s pretty much all been about wine (beer), women (Sad Girl), and song (karaoke). Andy Mc’s visit was followed by a visit from Ted, which meant lots and lots of drinking. It was really fun but it made me feel really lazy and decadent (even though I did two shoots).

Sad Girl was inhabiting (see Love Actually) with me for the last week. It was mostly good. I enjoy taking care of her and I want to be there for her as she tries to figure herself out. The days were fun and harmless. Nights were sometimes difficult. She drinks a lot and gets pretty frisky. I’m usually really good about fending her off, but if I’m really drunk it seems like a good idea. It doesn’t bother me anymore that she acts friend-ish sober and totally tries to jump me when she’s drunk. It’s kind of sad for both of us, but I’ve accepted it for what it is. She can’t hurt me anymore.

Anyway, she’s gone now. Actually she’s still there (in SF, not my apartment) and I’m in New Orleans (prounounced Nawlins). Works going to get pretty busy, which should keep me away from the wine, women, and song…or at least two of those. After I get back from Nawlins, I have a few days of post, a day of studio shoots, one more day of post, and a couple of shoots in The OC/LA. I also have possible (probable actually) shoots in New York, San Diego, and San Francisco. It should be crazy fun for a bit.

Oh, Nawlins is pretty neat. I walked around town for a bit, ate some delicious Cajun food, and skipped out on French Quarter debauchery in favor of seeing Batman Begins again. I think I’ll hang out tomorrow night though. I miss cities where bars stay open until 4AM.

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