City Hall So I spent most of today doing paperwor…

City Hall

So I spent most of today doing paperwork for my new venture. This included a rather neat trip to city hall, which in turn made more than a few friends wonder if I was filing for a marriage license. Very funny people. That’s next month. *joke*

So yeah. I called the feds to get some tax number. I filed something with the state for a California tax thingie. And I filed another piece of paper so I can fictitiously do business (a concept I’m still struggling with). In between I scrounged up another writing assignment to keep me occupied until my next shoot. So what does this all mean? Not much really. I can now get sued twice as much as most of you. You can sue me or you can sue me under the fictitious business name (FBN) I’m doing business as (DBA). The government is so cute with its acronyms.

That’s been kind of a challenge for me actually. I haven’t had a lot to do since the E3 episode posted. The writing stuff is slow and I jumped at the chance to do something even though it wasn’t the most interesting game in the world. The downtime allowed me to finally fully unpack from E3, buy some new shoes (Camper x 3), and put my room in order. It also allowed me to spend way too much time thinking, which is rarely good when I dwell on romantic matters. It also allowed me to get drunk and meet new people. This can be a good thing, but it might have led to the single dumbest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’m trying to avoid thinking about it, but I’ll have to soon. I really need to learn how to say no to pretty girls that say really sweet things when they’re equally drunk. (And no, it’s not what you’re thinking.)

Thankfully things are picking up again. The next few shoots are planned and I have to figure out what the hell I want the next two episodes to be. There are lots of logistical problems to tackle, which is fine — it’ll keep my mind busy and away from silly things.

Oh, the cuts on my fingers finally healed. So it’s going to be boxing time again. Sweet!

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