Song of the Month It’s a blast from the past…we…

Song of the Month

It’s a blast from the past…well, my past anyway. This month I’m all about Laura Watling’s “My Fondest Wish.” You can check out the .ra version here. The chorus has been playing in my mind lately. It goes something like:

“Hold hands
Because we can’t hold on
To everything.
Even love fades in time.

Hold tight
And I will wish my fondest wish
For you and me.
We can try again.”

Sad girl popped back into my life earlier this week. Nothing happened, don’t worry. She hasn’t changed really. She has the same problems and she doesn’t want to do anything about them. It’s like dealing with a worse version of me.

Hmmmm, I’m still deciding whether or not I should go to LA this weekend. It’s kind of fun that I can wait until midnight to make a decision. There’s nothing holding me here right now and I’m free as a bird. I would love to catch up with some friends, get some sun, and relax by the pool. On the other hand I just got back from there, I still haven’t fully unpacked from E3, there’s someone I’d like to see on Monday, and I probably shouldn’t spend the money…especially if I go to Tokyo of San Diego next weekend. Ha!

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