Post-E3 Thoughts So yeah! E3 was much more fun fo…

Post-E3 Thoughts

So yeah! E3 was much more fun for me this year. This not-writing thing makes the show much easier to get through. It wasn’t without its challenges and I didn’t get to play as many games as I would have liked, but I was so So SO happy not to be writing like a d*ckhead until 2AM every day. Here are some random thoughts.

– It was a bit challenging to be “on” for six to seven hours a day. When I was writing, I could afford to be a bit sleepy during a demo or a meeting. You can’t really do that when you’re filming. I understand why so many television types are on yay now. Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about going there. If I’m doing the same thing next year then I’ll bring an ample supply of Diet Rockstar or Diet Redbull.

– I went to my drunk, dark place a few times during the show. While it was cool that I actually got to go to parties, there were a couple of times — one night in particular — where I really regret my actions. I did something really wrong, really inappropriate, and really hurtful. It stems from love and care, but the end results were not good. It’ll be on my mind for a long time.

– I got to take advantage of an early screening of Episode III. It was fun and definitely way better than the first two. The love dialogue was still silly and the opening space scene is so overrated, but I really enjoyed the lightsaber duels and the Anakin/Obi-Wan relationship. In a strange way, I could empathize with going to the dark side out of care. Thankfully there aren’t any young Jedi for me to slaughter…and I don’t actually a lightsaber…or force powers for that matter.

– Not once, but twice I got to hang out with “normal” people. I had a lovely dinner with Alison. We used to AIM a lot, but she’s doing the med school thing now and she’s incredibly busy. That woman is smart, charming, responsible, and hot. I also had dinner with Kimmie, my model/actress friend. It was wonderful catching up and making fun of each other. One recurring joke I can’t share, but the other was fun to raz her with too. Whenever she’d get lost in thought or confused I’d yell, “Model brain!”

– Believe the hype! Best Best thought I did a good job promoting the show. While that was definitely my intent, part of it stems from being genuinely excited about something I’m working on. It’s been a few years since I’ve felt this way. I really liked talking about the show to PR people and trying to get them interested and involved. Lots of friends noticed how much happier, calmer, and excited I looked this E3. Those comments alone tell me that the risk was worth it.

– The LA subway system is pretty good, but there’s one thing that really bothers me: nobody checks your ticket! There are machines where you can buy them, but there aren’t any ticket agents or turnstyles. You don’t actually have to pay to ride the train. This really bothered me as a New Yorker. It just seems ludicrous that nobody checks to see if you actually paid. Give me a damn turnstyle!

– I got to drink free g4 beer. I swear it was a month ago when I showed up at their offices to pilfer several cans of Guiness. Tagging along to their kegger/wrap party was cool. So many people there worked incredibly hard to put together some really great stuff. It was lovely to observe their sense of team. It was even better when I heard about Ted’s name faux pas. I love when my jokes take a life of their own.

So yeah, the show was just a fresh and fun experience. Approaching it from a different angle made it seem new again. I still get jittery about what I’m doing and the risk I’m taking, but my E3 experience tells me that I did and am doing the right thing. At the very least, I’m happy with myself for trying.

A lot has happened since I’ve been back too, but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

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