Piloting The pilot is finally finished. Six hours…


The pilot is finally finished. Six hours of footage has been condensed into 33 minutes — which is still longer than originally intended, but whatev. It feels so good to finally be done with it. I need to give it more thought, but my initial feeling is that 2/3 of it is pretty good (by pilot standards). After three days of filming, five days of going to Sunnyvale for post, and countless hours obsessing over it, it’s finally done.

I wanted to cry and hug for the first hour after we finished. Dream girl was on my mind a lot — it’s something I really wanted to share with her. Instead of crying and hugging, I missed my train, grabbed some sushi, chatted with my daughter, talked to Bestbest for a bit, and caught a later train. Thankfully, some peeps were holding a drunken karaoke session. So I got to kick back for a bit and belt out some Hootie and the Blowfish. I skipped on the Journey since it felt weird without Bestbest.

Oh yeah, if you heard the story about Mark cutting himself on broken glass at Buddha Bar, it wasn’t me. He confirmed it last night. Apparently, one of my drunken friends broke some glass and tried to hide it by kicking it away. Mark tried to stop her, but instead stepped on the glass and sliced his foot real good. Someone has been circulating the story that I was responsible for the foot slicing, but it was my drunken friend. I am inn-o-cent.

Now I have some old writing to take care of, lots of laundry to do, shoots to confirm, a father-daughter baseball game to attend on Friday, and a week to plan. I wish I had an extra few days before leaving on Sunday. *sigh*

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