More Idiot Tax Last Sunday, I attempted to burn a…

More Idiot Tax

Last Sunday, I attempted to burn a DVD of clips for a broadband provider. I purchased DVD+Rs since that’s what my old laptop had. When I got home and popped in a disc, nothing was going on. To be fair, I really didn’t wait too long. I panicked and quickly came to the conclusion that I purchased the wrong media. I gave the DVD+Rs to Rannie. After me Seattle trip, I bought DVD-Rs. I went to burn my DVD and nothing happened. Finally, I want to the control panels and discovered that I do indeed have a DVD+R drive. Since I was in a rush, I burned three CD-Rs of clips, sent them to the broadband provider, and mailed them off. Thankfully, Best Buy let me exchange my DVD-Rs for DVD+Rs. Yes, I’m an idiot.

In other idiotic news, I lost my TiVo (MeVo) controller. TiVo is absolutely useless without the remote. I scoured my room several times over the course of several days — still not around. I ordered a new remote from TiVo. It arrived in a day and I now have this nifty blue TiVo remote…which means that my old remote will show up any minute now.

I never got to post my goodbye column, so I put it on my 1up page. The kids in the forums are posting really nice things (so far). It makes me want to cry. “You like me! You really like me!”

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