Lists! My Seattle trip was fun. It was cool catch…


My Seattle trip was fun. It was cool catching up with the boys (and girl), though I must admit that I’m a little thin skinned these days. Last week’s tumult has left me a bit sensitive to the customary ribbing. I know most of them don’t mean anything, but I’m still having micro-panic-attacks about leaving to do something new, exciting, and uncertain. So when the boys poke jabs at my work, I don’t take it so well. I’m mostly internalizing it. I try to joke back and laugh, but inside I’m yelling, “At least I’m trying something different! You’re still hacking away and writing the same garbage for the same crap site you’ve been working at for years!!!”

Oh wait, this was a good trip. I got to play and shop at Nintendo. I saw these awesome flip-flops that I wanted to steal. They weren’t for sale and were behind a glass display. I also had a late evening of super-secret chatting. I ended up getting a little less than four hours of sleep. It was totally worth it though. It’s good to know things.

So now I’m back home looking at the lists of things I must accomplish in the new week. I’m currently chipping away at my 24-hour list. I think I can cross of 1/4 of the items. Next is my three-day list, followed by my week list. Raymond has much to do! I’m not sure if being busy will keep me in a constant state of excited agitation or if it will add to my swirling moods. Between travelling, moving into a new place, leaving a job, and my usual nonsense, I haven’t been the most stable person these last few months.

2 thoughts on “Lists! My Seattle trip was fun. It was cool catch…

  1. And oh yes, on your list of things to do you must also take me out this week. How’s thursday joining me for an artsy thing?

  2. Spending time with a sexy Korean girl is definitely on my list. I think I have to view tape tonight. How’s Saturday or Sunday looking for you?

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