Grrrrrrrrrr Wow, I was pretty moody at work today…


Wow, I was pretty moody at work today. Everything was pissing me off — the lack of overall direction, the lack of planning for the big show, the lack of vision, the lack of leadership, and (IMHO) the decline of the site in general. If we’re not going to be competitive, I’d love to be more creative than the other guys. I really don’t see us being either.

This latest video really irritated me too. It should have been way better. I was sharing a shooter with one of our sister sites. The other guy was interviewing for a wrestling site, so his questions centered on WrestleMania XXI (even though he spilled onto my stuff). My questions focused more on the game stuff. Due to time contraints, only one piece was made. So it’s a mish-mash of two sets of interviews for two sites for two different audiences. Plus, the shooter didn’t know that the sound was off during the best part of my interview with Captain Charisma. The world will be deprived of my incredible encounter with Christian.

As I finished my stupid story and updated my sections, I had blissful visions of getting laid off. Hopefully my tryout pans out and I can save myself from all this … that or I’ll get fired for hitting someone with a bat at work. Guess who’d be the first target.

Oh, I had a sudden half hour of missing someone immensely. 50 First Dates does that to me.

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