Hello Sinner The title is how I answered the phon…

Hello Sinner

The title is how I answered the phone after a rather funny call on Wednesday morning. Tee-hee.

So I just got back from seeing Sin City at the Arclight. The movie was most enjoyable, but a little strange for me. I read several times that Rodriguez wanted the movie to be exactly like the books, panel to panel. I didn’t really believe it until I saw it. It took me a bit to get used to the literal style, because it truly was like watching a comic book. It was so close to the source that it was disconcerting at first — almost like someone was turning the pages for me.

The really weird thing was hearing many of the lines I’ve read so many times. They’ve sounded a certain way in my head for years. Hearing someone else say them differently was definitely odd.

Still, I love the stories. I love what RR did visually. Most of the performances were great. I only found one to be really bad (poor Brittany). And Jessica as Nancy … wow! I didn’t think she was right for the character, but I totally fell in love with the way she made Nancy strong, vulnerable, sexy, and innocent at the same time … which is particularly challenging when you’re playing an exotic dancer. Jessica’s Nancy was so charming!

2 thoughts on “Hello Sinner The title is how I answered the phon…

  1. i think i’m glad i never read the comic… the movie was so fresh because of it. brittany murphy wasn’t bad! i think the becky chick was worse.

  2. Becky was a little disappointing, come to think of it. I thought she was fine (and hot), but they didn’t make a big deal about the severity of her mother situation.

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