See-Saw Surprise

This week has been weird. I was still in my “mood” on Monday. I had a ridiculous conversation with a woman — it totally reaffirmed my current views on the fairer sex. I was really tired since I slept poorly over the weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I didn’t go to sleep as much as I passed out. So between my stupid conversation and the lack of sleep (and everything else on my mind), I was not a happy camper.

Tuesday was surprisingly excellent. I had a pretty neat story land on my lap. It’s not the best thing in the world and it was a total softball chat, but it was part of Fanboy Tuesday. After chatting with Lorne and getting the story up, I went to a Double Fine party. I expected to chat and have a few drinks, but things got pretty interesting….

I caught up with a lot of people (nice catch up session with Shane and lovely pep talk from Ricardo). I had a really excellent time. I witnessed some curious incidents. And I had two surprising girlie moments. The first was pretty wonderful, but totally wrong. Hopefully nobody caught that one. The second one was totally dickish of me. I met this girl at Buddha. She was with a guy that she wasn’t into, but was totally into her. So naturally I chat her up, get her phone number, and kiss her in front of the dude. That was pretty wrong, but I was pretty drunk and I’m really jaded about so many things so I’ll give myself this one. Hopefully I’ll get to see her again. She’s a bit young though.

Oh yeah, I met this cool chick. I’ll call her Timex for now. With any luck, we’ll be singing Beatles songs at the Berkeley BART station.

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