Retrocalcaneal Bursitis Those are today’s magic w…

Retrocalcaneal Bursitis

Those are today’s magic words boys and girls. Ouch.

I actually feel a lot better now. Meds can be quite amazing. Prior to popping pills, I was pretty lame for 36 hours or so. I was struggling at the airport yesterday — both PHX and SFO. Thankfully Rannie came to get me and help me get my luggage upstairs (women are always emasculating me).

Today was pretty funny. I woke up pretty early and thought about getting up, but the pain (the pain!!!) decided otherwise. I finally took advantage of my health insurance, got diagnosed, and got some meds. I was hungry around lunch time (duh), but was in no condition to take a stroll to get food. So it was cereal-bar city! Sometimes I’m too proud and/or embarassed to ask for help.

I should be able to limp to the office tomorrow. Though what I really want to do is limp to the bus so I can get Phil’z coffee with Ryan in the morning.

*sigh* Apparently rushing into boxing after a few weeks off, walking up my lovely new hills, and being a blimp is bad for my calcaneus. Aging sucks.

Oh yeah, this month’s theme song is “Accidentally Kelly Street.” It plays in my head whenever I’m walking around my lovely, new (old?) neighborhood.

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