Split Decision Last week was quite tumultuous. A …

Split Decision

Last week was quite tumultuous. A lot of good things happened, but a lot of bad things happened as well. Being the lugubrious being I am, I obsessed with the latter. Since it was so split, it’s time for an Augustine Chan binary list!

1 – I wrote the biggest story I’ll ever write for work.

0 – It got edited to high heaven and I’m really unhappy with the results.

1 – The story got a lot of nice attention from my peers.

0 – Some of my peers wanted to kill me.

0 – Microsoft had its satellite laser system ready to obliterate me because of said story. Good thing it crashed.

1 – I got to see the ultimate woman.

1 – I got to see my dream girl too.

1 – Mizuguchi-san and Yamaoka-san remembered hanging out with me in Japan last year and greeted me with hugs. I totally marked out.

1 – I got really drunk on Tuesday and managed not to break anything, though I did take a teeny tiny jab at my 19th favorite game designer. (To be fair, he hit me first.)

1 – Bryn was also really drunk and it was marvelous catching up with him and getting to hang out.

0 – Between my big story and punching the game designer in the face (he was being an Unreal bitch about it and was telling everyone the next day), I was getting way more attention than I cared for.

0 – I realized how ridiculous I am for wanting lots of attention when I don’t have it and shunning it when I do get it.

0 – I got really drunk on Wednesday and totally blacked out.

1 – Thankfully Kat took on the Herculean task of taking care of me. It was an incredible thing of her to do. Who knows where I would have ended up without her.

0 – Unfortunately she didn’t know that I moved and took me to my old apartment.

0 – Apparently I passed out in the hallway by the kitchen. I was so bad that Carlos had to check to make sure I was breathing.

0 – Somehow I ended up on Phu’s floor.

1 – The next day I did a good interview with the Nokia dude and an okay one with the Nintendo dude (I was prepared for the Nintendo chick and had to wing it).

0 – The interviews with another huge company didn’t go to the company’s liking. They didn’t enjoy or appreciate the goofy and informal (but really fun!) style we use.

0 – The interviews cause a lot of drama and giant headache for one of my favorite PR people.

0 – I felt enormously guilty for possibly insulting a really important gentleman and making him feel uncomfortable.

1 – The bulk of my personal guilt went away when I heard some of the things the subject said and his attitude towards the whole thing.

0 – None of my professional guilt went away because I’m paranoid that I won’t be able to interview anyone from the company ever again. Yes, it’s probably not justified.

1 – Thursday night I didn’t drink that much and was well behaved.

0 – Being sober left me outstandingly bored.

1 – I got to have a good chat about the interview incident.

0 – Someone I care for very much said some pretty-not-nice things to me. I’ll chalk it up to alcohol, but it still kind of hurts.

1 – Had a pretty interesting, though difficult to follow, meeting on Friday. It could lead to a significant change for me.

0 – I wasn’t too drunk on Friday night and was a little bored.

1 – Thankfully I had a good friend to hang out with.

0 – I saw an incredibly awesome girl dealing with heartbreak and it killed me.

0 – I realized how numb my own heart is in regards to most things.

1 – I went dancing with really cool audio designers from Japan, including Yamaoka-san.

1 – I gathered up some of the troops for Ben’s birthday.

0 – I was in my sober / bored mood during dinner.

1 – Ben, Eeeeevers, and I went back to my place for a lovely shiraz.

1 – I made the wise decision not to go the large industry gathering. I would have been stupid drunk or sober bored.

1 – Sunday was domestically productive. After my morning Farley’s, I went to the grocery, did laundry, unpacked several boxes, vacuumed, cleaned some cupboards, did dishes, and set up my new color laser printer.

0 – I got into a fight with my printer during toner installation.

0 – The K cartridge kicked my ass, the Y got in some good hits, and the M grazed me a bit. Thankfully the C didn’t touch me at all.

0 – The picture above is what’s left of my shirt. What kind of moron wears a white t-shirt while messing with four toner cartridges?

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