Being Boring That Pet Shop Boys song is stuck in …

Being Boring

That Pet Shop Boys song is stuck in my head.

I’m so outstandingly bored. I’m stuck in Washington’s equivalent to the Irvine Spectrum. And I have nothing to do … or nothing I want to do.

I totally forgot about The Wired awards. Ach! What a wasted opportunity to self promote. I bet my would-be agent has found a smarter, more-talented, and better-looking boy to take to the promised land.

Oh cool, I found something to do. I’m chatting with Evers’ MILF friend. She’s pretty neat. She’s going back to Japan on 3/1. Maybe there’s enough time to sneak in a kiss. I mean she’s married, she has kids, she lives in another country, and she has issues — she’s perfect … except for not being white. *joke*

When I get back home, things are going to be crazy. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it all, though I’ve done a surprising amount of legwork remotely. I just have to make it all work out by Monday. I’m sure I’ll figure it all out, though I’ll probably be a mess (more of a mess really) when it’s all done.

Hmmmm, maybe being stranded in Redmond isn’t so bad.

Lemme get back to Milfy-chan.

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