Whirlwhind So I got back from Vegas this evening….


So I got back from Vegas this evening. It was an okay trip. The work part was fun. The straight interviews were okay — there’s enough stuff to edit to make it look good. The wacky stuff was better. Mikey C was really fun and I’ve dubbed him the president of Raleigh. I also had fun with Frodo’s brother, making him really uncomfortable by telling him how pretty his eyes are. Sweet.

You know, I totally forgot that I was in New York a week ago. I had to think real hard to remember where I was between my two Vegas trips. Tomorrow I’m headed to Seattle, so my brain should be really scrambled when I get back Wednesday evening. Oh yeah, there might be a major change happening next week. It’s all happening so fast. Calgon, take me away … actually Calgon is totally lamerz — I much rather have a Lush Bath Bomb.

So back to Vegas! Oddly enough, I didn’t spend much time with Justin or Billy. I haven’t had as much time to socialize during publisher events since I have to pay attention for writing purposes, grab people for interviews, interview said people, and do some networking for future things. There are lots of people I want to catch up with, but it all goes by so fast. Such is life I suppose.

I did get to spend lots of time with Tina-nana and Julie after the event. Tina is so much fun; she’s super cute, funny (as funny as women get anyway), smart, charming, smart (again), and she reminds me of Kasumi. She’s one of my favorite drunks. Julie … hmmmmm. She has certainly blossomed over the years. I remember when she was this adorably goofy girl that I gave a special ring to. She went on to become a beautiful woman. And now she’s a gorgeous wife. Spencer is quite the lucky man.

Oh yeah, I got really drunk. It wasn’t the crazy vodka drunk of last year, but rather a sustained wine drunk. I think I was loopy from 9PM to 3AM. I was mostly in control. When thinks looked like they were starting to go over the edge, I had to take care of Tina for a bit, so that was good. I did make one drunk text message. I didn’t write anything I didn’t mean, but I shouldn’t have sent it. I feel bad about that. Oh well. Hopefully next time I’ll have a babysitter.

I miss my daughter! Even though her new site isn’t as cute and smells like it’s powered by something a little boy conjured (*snicker*).

I think my world is becoming right again. It all started on 02/17/05. Pitchers and catchers reported to spring training that day, and I just felt a little bit better about life in general. Oh yeah, who the hell is playing fantasy baseball this year? I wanna play!!! (I think I rather go for a Yahoo! league than SportingNews this year.)

Oh yeah, back to Vegas again. I wasn’t in a very social mood so I totally skipped the madness that went on. I spent lots of time at the Luxor Spa, which at $25 / day with unlimited re-entry is the best way to keep out of trouble, stay relaxed, get a little workout, and be good to your skin. I played some cards just to see how my counting skills are. Newsflash: they suck. I won a little bit of money, but I made some really bad mistakes. If I played better I would have been up $900; I’m nowhere near that. Last, but not least, I caught up with an ex. It was mildly amusing and totally harmless. I probably shouldn’t have called her, but I really didn’t want to be totally alone.

Well, I guess I should pack!

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