Duh Randy Johnson had this dumb ass quote at a Ya…


Randy Johnson had this dumb ass quote at a Yankee press conference yesterday: “Any time I’ve taken the mound it’s always been the old Samson-and-Goliath story written about me.” So I guess it’s David and Delilah, huh?

Like The Big Unit, I too feel really dumb right now. It started when I forgot to photocopy our apartment application. Yes, the concept of people filling out separate applications for an apartment totally vanished from my mind. Kit and I went to my office, where I went through one White Out pen and half a bottle of Liquid Paper trying to cover up a copy of Kit’s application so I could turn it into mine. After three layers and lots of photocopy experimentation I settled for a mess of an application. Yes, I can deftly apply makeup to somewhat cover up my physical disability (my face) but I struggle to brush Liquid Paper over ink in an acceptable fashion. Go figure.

The whole White Out ordeal left me mentally drained. I was tired to begin with, but it just got really difficult to think after that. It makes me want to trade back some of the fun I had for some of the brain cells I’ve obliterated.

Next I had a conversation with my friend where he was talking about something like “extracting globules from the iceberg theory.” I honestly never heard the phrase “iceberg theory” before. Sue me. Anyway, he said a lot of things that were just completely flying over my head. I think it got a little frustrating for him. The ironic part is that he really didn’t get what I was saying either. Perhaps my lack of brain was working against me here too.

The words “taint” has been on my mind all day. I feel like I’m dragging around this bundle of negative energy with me. It’s kind of like a bunch of balloons, but without the shiny / happy effect. It reminds me of when my friend from NYU (totally forgot her name) ran up to me and was amazed at what a negative aura I had. I feel like I have this taint and I ruin everything I get close to. This stems from making an amazingly cool connection with someone and totally ruining it … because of said taint. It makes me want to avoid people or put up walls. Hmmmm, if I go with the latter will I have a negative feedback loop of my taint?

Oh yeah, in another idiot moment I totally forgot that I’m going to be away for almost all of the next week. I need to do laundry and wake up early to pick up dry cleaning. Way to go moron.

Oh yeah (2), I got this wicked raise that will allow me to buy an extra Happy Meal every paycheck.

On a positive note, pitchers and catchers report to spring training in a few hours!

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