Apartment Hunt! Kit and I spent the afternoon loo…

Apartment Hunt!

Kit and I spent the afternoon looking at apartments in Potrero Hill. We saw four places. Three of them were interesting and one was just incredible. Here are the pictures. And here’s my rundown on each.

320 Pennsylvania 2br/1ba $1800
– Awesome location – block and half from Farley’s, close to my gym, 22 bus is right there, CalTrain and 15 are a short walk.
– Average bedrooms
– Average living room
– Old paint
– Small closets
– New kitchen
– New bathroom
– Parking spot

531 Pennsylvania 3br/2ba $2500
– Great location – short walk to Farley’s, nice walk to gym, close to Caltrain, 22, 15, and 48.
– Two big bedrooms (one with a bathroom — mine!!!) and one smaller bedroom
– Big living room
– Big dining room
– Big kitchent with new dishwasher and fridge
– Good closet space
– Garage
– Brown carpet (well … I’m brown so I can camouflage myself)
– Washer /Dryer in building (though I’d probably go to the laundromat on 18th to unsuccessfully meet women)
– Small deck with a lovely view of the bay
– Electric, gas, and water included in rent

121 Arkansas 2br/1ba $1975
– Awesome location – right between Farley’s and my gym, 22 is right there, 19 and 15 are a short walk.
God bathroom
– Small kitchen
– Small rooms, one with great wall units
– Washer / Dryer in building
– Small living room
– Interesting neighbors … though two are French
– Jacuzzi to be installed
– Cool floors … made out of floor sh*t (see Curb season 3)

710 22nd Street 2br/1ba $1700
– Bleh location – close to 15 and 48, anything interesting is a bit of a walk, Third St. has a good share of derelicts.
– Small living room
– Average bedrooms
– Big kitchen with fairly new appliances
– Water closet and shower seperate
– Laundry room
– Unusually low ceilings, which I suppose is good since Gifford can never visit (*joke*)


I’m in love with 531 Penn. I think I’ll write the deposit check now. Heeeeeeee!

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