Randomosity My brother and I saw Sideways last ni…


My brother and I saw Sideways last night. It was my second time seeing it. I love that movie — definitely the best thing I saw last year. I am Miles Raymond. I’m underachieving and lacking — almost utterly — in confidence except when it comes to obscure things I’m really passionate about (i.e. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold). I need someone to tell me not to go to the dark side when I drink and prevent me from drunk dialing.

One of the trailers shown was for The Upside of Anger. It looks cute and gave me an idea. Perhaps what I need to do is find my equal in misery so that we can arrive at a new place together. I can see the personal ads now: Desperate, Needy, Pathetic seeks other.

My brother appears on this recently release album. Go buy it. I haven’t listened to any of it yet, but from the cover I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s lesbian adult-contemporary.

This Photoshop-ped picture by Shane made me laugh. Thanks buddy. I needed that.

Here’s my first GS interview that was not shot by Ryan. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that if Ryan were behind the camera it would look eight-jillion times better. Perhaps the cameraman — and just to be clear, he’s a really sweet and nice guy that I like a lot — was listening to Public Enemy and was attempting to “Bring the Noise” into the shot … at every possible moment. Oh well, at least it’s in widescreen.

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