Birthdays and Videos Okay, if you ever loved me…

Birthdays and Videos

Okay, if you ever loved me … hell if you ever liked me then you’ll download this video. It’s the D.I.C.E. piece that we shot this past week. I’ve watched it twice and I’m really, really pleased with it. Considering it’s a one-man crew (Ryan!!!) doing a ton of the work, two people pestering importants for interviews, and a segment that was cut in such a short time, I think it’s pretty damn impressive. It turned out to be nearly everything I envisioned and a few things I didn’t. I’m really proud of what Ryan was able to do. It’s neat watching his career progress. Kitten and I both agree that he has an incredibly bright future. Now go watch that vid!

So tonight was my daughter’s birthday party. She was happy and hammered, and it was fun for me to watch. Three nights of D.I.C.E. and that SOE party left me feeling a bit anti-social — I really needed to be “off” for one night. Thankfully Kit was around to keep me company and enjoy the lovely ’80s set the DJ was spinning. Lots of people were having a wild time, but I was totally content to catch up with Kit, sip a Boddingtons, enjoy the music, and watch my little girl tear it up.

After making sure she was taken care of, I took a cab home and thought about the video some more, as well as the surprise email / phone call I got at work. Things are definitely interesting for me right now.

Oh yeah, I’ll get to that long D.I.C.E. post tomorrow.

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