Strange Day It’s been a pretty odd, but enjoyab…

Strange Day

It’s been a pretty odd, but enjoyable day so far. I started it off by going to Phil’s to get coffee with the girl that I thought was my dream girl. I finally got to show her the brew that was named after her. It was nice catching up — I missed her a ton, been more than a month since I’ve seen her — but it was just weird. She’s as incredible and charming and and unique and beautiful (even without makeup she’s gorgeous) as ever. I think it’s me. Maybe I’m scared of feeling that way about her. Maybe a month of sobriety has kept my usually extreme emotions in check. Maybe I no longer love her (or maybe I never did?). It just felt different. I might see her again tomorow night. I’m curious to see if it’ll be any different.

When I got home I had a lengthy chat with Kitten about it and an assortment of other things. I’ve felt this way for a long time, but man I’d be lost without her. She means more to me than … well, words wouldn’t do it justice. I’m immensely lucky to have her in my life. Sappy Bryan Adams lyrics are invading my head:

“Oh, once in your life you find someone,
Who will turn your world around,
Bring you up when you’re feelin’ down.”

Since Kitten had to go and drop her dad off and I was still floopy, I called my daughter. In a really funny case of role reversal, I dragged her away from watching a football game so she could help me buy makeup. I am not the proud owner of MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder, Studio Tech Foundation, and two brushes. My face is radiant. The girls at the Macy’s MAC counter will know my name by the end of March.

The weirdness continues! Ben is actually coming over tonight. He has some NES / SNES business with Kit, but I’ll join them for dinner. I think this is the third time Ben has come over and maybe the eighth time he’s come up to the city for purely social reasons.

Oh, Petey just advised me to ditch Hoi An and go to Nha Trang. Wow, it’s a good thing he caught me. Apparently Hoi An is going to be cold and that would really kill a lot of what I wanted to do.

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