Okay Company Kit, Rannie, and I saw In Good Com…

Okay Company

Kit, Rannie, and I saw In Good Company. It’s an okay movie with lots of indirectly funny things. I enjoyed it, mostly because I didn’t expect much and it has two of my biggest crushes in it (Scarlett and Selma). Here are some random thoughts on it:

– It was really hard to get behind the main character. It wasn’t because of the acting or writing. It was because he was an ad salesman. People in ad sales bring a lot of interesting things to my life and most of it isn’t good. They make more money, they get all the credit, they have all the power, they multiply like Gremlins, they keep their jobs while my fellow writers lose theirs during cutbacks, and they generally tarnish many of the things I try to do at work. Ad salesmen are probably the group of professionals that annoy me the most, beating out lawyers, NYC real estate brokers, and accountants by far. It was extremely difficult to root for the noble ad salesman with a heart … at other times it was just funny.

– Movies set in NY make me miss it a lot. Seeing places I used to hang out at in Chinatown and the West Village got to me. Seeing my old office building on Seventh Avenue really brought me back.

Dennis Quaid has been a pretty significant celeb to me. I thought he was the coolest guy ever in Innerspace. He was my hero when he married Meg Ryan. And with this movie and The Rookie, he’s now the older genleman I want to become.

– An ad salesman with a heart. Ha!

– I was surprised that The Shins were in the movie (but, sadly not on the released soundtrack). “Gone for Good” was used well, but it just seems weird that a relatively indie band was in such a mainstream movie. It’s almost like when Letters to Cleo was in 10 Things I Hate About You.

– The noble ad salesman … it still cracks me up.

– Topher Grace’s character was amusing too. It reminds me of when I was at Ziff way back when. I was in a clique of young upstarts that was so into the company that we were seriously considering getting ZD tatoos.

– Being in publishing since 1996 really makes it hard to admire the old, veteran ad salesman that teaches a young hotshot about what’s important in life. In fact, it makes me laugh at the whole concept.

– Kit remarked that he didn’t like Scarlett’s bad makeup in the movie. I really dug it since it added to her awkward college girl thing. Her voice is so sexy. I wish some hot college girl would try to seduce me to Diana Krall’s version of “Besume Mucho.” That was hot.

– Wouldn’t it be funny if ended up marrying a ad saleswoman. Ha!

– Oh dear God, I think I’ve just condemned myself to a ridiculous fate.

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