Conked I totally passed out some time between 8…


I totally passed out some time between 8PM and 9PM. I didn’t wake up until 7AM. It was nice sleeping alone and not having to babysit. Since I woke up so early, I used the morning to enjoy a cup of Phil’z, get some traveler’s cheques for ‘Nam, and pick up / drop off some dry cleaning. I think today will be most domestic. I need to get something from Macy’s and I’d like to go boxing, but I think I’ll spend the bulk of the day cleaning up my room.

Sad Girl’s latest visit made me realize that I’m becoming immune to sweet talk. She says really nice things to me, but it no longer balances out the bad things she does. I know she means it on some level, but she doesn’t act like it most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good girl, but she really has no idea how to treat people.

Other people’s sweet talk isn’t getting to me either. That really incredible girl I was spending time with between August and October has been sending the loveliest text messages. My heart flutters when I first read them, but it doesn’t stay with me like it used to. It might be because I’ve accepted that it’s not going to happen and I don’t believe it ever will. I’m supposed to see her tomorrow and I’m really excited about it, but part of me is waiting for that call where she cancels.

I think I’m getting used to women hurting me and disappointing me. That’s kind of sad.

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