Daughter Dearest I was pretty determined to be …

Daughter Dearest

I was pretty determined to be a hermit over the weekend. I skipped out on Friday’s bowling fest, partially because I was a little sick and partially because I wasn’t feeling social. Saturday I skipped on a rather large karaoke jam. Kit was pretty hammered and that’s always fun to be around so I’m mildly sorry I missed it. I pretty much read, watched DVDs, and did some work. Yes, I had this idiotic idea to do some work over the weekend so I could goof off more during the week. I think ten days of rain had something to do with my mood too.

Sunday rolled around and I was ready for another day locked in my room, but Glenda called. Daughter dearest dragged me out of the house, bought me lunch, kept me company, and made me talk to other people. It’s a good thing she came along actually. I was starting to enjoy the solitude and I was feeling a bit sad.

She lopped off two feet of her hair. Check it out.

Isn’t she just precious?!? My daughter’s hair rules. In fact, I think you should drop her off a comment to let her know how beautiful her hair is. Go pester her at her site.

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