Return from New York I left cold, snowy New Yor…

Return from New York

I left cold, snowy New York and returned to giga-rainy San Francisco. I think Cabo is calling.

Anyway, Christmas was really fun. I got to catch up with my family and relax, and I got to eat NY pizza everyday. Seeing mom, dad, Reggie, and my cousins was great. I didn’t get hassled too much about not being married and even told my mom about Giselle (which went over far better than I thought it would). I really miss everyone, but I really wanted to get the hell out of the cold. I’ll probably go back once more during the winter, but hopefully I’ll get to visit again in the spring. That E3 thing and all the events leading up to it kinda gets in the way.

I didn’t touch work once during my visit — something the family always complains about — and I really got to unwind. I haven’t had a long vacation since I’ve been at this job. I forgot how energizing and refreshing it is to totally get away from it for a week. I suppose that explains some of my angst. Now I must decide between Mexico (foolish, complicated trip) and Vietnam (solitary, beach-combing trip).

I just processed three batches of picture. There are some from San Francisco (drunken holiday party idiocy), some from Los Angeles (Spike TV Video Game Awards), and some from Christmas. Check ’em out on my picture page.

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