LA Gunnin’ And all of the sudden, my month got …

LA Gunnin’

And all of the sudden, my month got a lot busier….

I went to LA for 18 hours over the weekend. It was a last-minute thing — part work, part self promotion, almost entirely selfish. It turns out I have two more LA trips (one wreckless, one decadent) over the next three weeks. My nemesis is dropping by too, which should help my healing process.

The trip was a bit of a surprise. A company was rather amused with my idiot act for the Halo 2 launch and wanted me down for its product launch. I was quite flattered and a little nervous. One of the reasons the aforementioned piece turned out well was because I was in a really sad way — I didn’t care so I let go in front of the camera. I’m feeling a bit better now so part of me is wondering if the shtick worked, but I think Ryan has some good stuff. We shall see.

We almost didn’t get a chance to shoot. The event was on the one cold and rainy day in LA. It cleared up around 11:40PM and we were able to cram 35 minutes of footage. The final piece should be around 13 minutes.

Ech. The right knee is sore again. That’s what I get for resuming boxing with little preparation. Hopefully I can just keep popping Alieve so I can go to the gym again tomorrow. Right now it feels like Ric Flair has had me in the figure-four leg-lock for the last 24 hours. Whoooooo!!!

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