Relapsation I thought I was starting to do bett…


I thought I was starting to do better with everything, but it all came back to me really hard. Sunday was pretty pathetic. Aside from a lunch excursion with Kit, I stayed in my room for most of the day, wanting to do nothing but cry and level up my Pokemon. Wow, that last sentence was so loser-ish.

One of my friends has been telling me that “the grass is greener.” That’s probably true. It’s especially true when you don’t even have a lawn. I have a small plot of infertile dirt in an extremely undesirable neighborhood.

On Saturday, one of my drunk friends kept proclaiming that “life is love” and that the whole thing is pointless unless you have someone to share it with. I kept asking him if he was done sharing his feelings with everyone on Geary, but truthfully I couldn’t agree more.

I miss Mae. We’re going through similarly difficult periods right now. It would be easier if I could commiserate with my favorite cousin.

Let’s see, in the last month my heart was stolen, my baseball team was humiliated, and America voted in a most disturbing manner. It’s strange. I was miserable from most of January to March. I was ebullient for the greater part of April to September. And now my year is ending in craptastic way. On second thought, I’m not sure what’s strange about that. It’s just an observation.

I’m considering not hanging out for a bit. Perhaps starting Thanksgiving break. I hate having to answer questions like, “How are you?” because I don’t have an answer that anyone really wants to hear. I think I’m going to pull a Shawn Michaels.

Hmmm, unless it starts raining I’m going to have to smile for the camera in a few hours. I better go prepare my fake smile.

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