Strange Daze Yesterday was really weird. I wrot…

Strange Daze

Yesterday was really weird. I wrote an article, took care of many little fires, filmed twice, went to a dinner event, got really drunk, and bumped into her. It was just such a mish-mash of emotions hitting my heart and mind. I haven’t even sorted it all out yet. Here are some odds and ends.

– Ryan and I filmed at this Halo 2 event at the Meteor-on. This one kid came up to me to say how much he enjoys my video stuff and that he reads all my articles. I now have four fans.

This other kid from a fan site came up to me to apologize for this skirmish I had with his managing editor. His ME wrote this piece about a few of my video features and how I set back gaming journalism ten years (or something like that). I went and threw a star tantrum in their forums and he backed down. This is a bad lesson for me to learn; I’ll be throwing star tantrums all the time now.

– I ended up getting dragged to this PR dinner, which was cool because a lot of awesome people were there. She ended up going to, which wasn’t totally unsurprising but threw me for a loop. It was incredible to see her and my real smile even managed to make an appearance. (Kitten pointed out that I used my fake smile in the Raytoberfest photos … which is probably why I haven’t posted mine.)

– After dinner, most of the kids went to Bow Bow. I can’t stand that place so I took a splinter cell to Buddha. I played a lot of dice, got really drunk, got really happy, got really sad, and got many other things in between. It was really fun, a little uncomfortable, and a little … I dunno … melancholy I suppose.

– Andy, Ted, and I went to Sam’s. I think Gladstone was there too, but I don’t really remember. I got home really drunk, but managed to wake up early!

Yeah, this post sucked. My thoughts are way too jumbled. Oh well.

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