Oops…I Did it Again You know, I should really…

Oops…I Did it Again

You know, I should really stop signing those photo waivers. I’m not supposed to do this stuff for another few months. Having random things like this pop up will only irrirate my … uhm … counselor.


Oh, just because I’ve started blogging again doesn’t mean I’m ready to talk about things. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” still applies. Thank you for the concern though.


I’ve been greatly amused at the last-minute urgings by bloggers to vote for Kerry. It seems incredibly naive to me. I can’t imagine not having my mind made up the day before a major election — especially this year where it’s extremely black and white.

Do these people really think they’re going to get anyone to vote differently? Is someone really going to read Joey’s blog and be all, “Oh, I better vote for Kerry then!” If this really happened and some person had the foresight to register but didn’t gather enough information to make an informed decision but was swayed by reading a blog post the night before the election then this person deserves a bat to the head for being a moron … or at least irresponsible.

It just seems like a lame, half-assed way to try to get people to do something. It seems like a half-hearted and somewhat self-important way of being active. The most useful election-related material I’ve read was from Matt, who sent out an email last week describing several issues and props. It was more thoughtful than a naive “vote for this guy” blog post the night before the election.


Oh, people need to go to Japan for Thanksgiving. It’s only $466 (with taxes) on United if you buy this week. So go! Support Japanese tourism. Help Shane celebrate his birthday. And help me run away from things. Plus it’s frickin’ cool over there.

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