Heartbroken Binary Blog Good: I drank lots of f…

Heartbroken Binary Blog

Good: I drank lots of free soju.

Bad: The bar had no television so I had to go to the deli next door to get updates on the Yankee game.

Bad: The obnoxious bald man was there.

Good: He didn’t really bother me. This might be because I was too sad, in which case I should change this to bad.

Good: I had some Arinell’s and introduced Kit to it.

Bad: After enough soju I was determined to go see her.

Good: I got to see her.

Bad: The Yankees lost.

Bad: I didn’t really care since I got to see her. This part is extremely alarming. No woman — even the one I almost married — has ever been put ahead of the Yankees. This means that I’m becoming less of a Yankees fan or I’m crazier about this girl than I thought.

Good: Lychee martinis are delicious.

Bad: Lychee martinis are very strong and there’s no good reason to have five of them.

Good: Holding her was the best I’ve felt since…holding her last week.

Bad: She stole my Potrero Hill hoodie.

Good: I was so happy to see her.

Bad: I followed Barr, Keeling, and Ted to a strip club.

Good: I made a wise decision not going in.

Bad: I made a poor decision to wander the streets drunk until I could find a cab. This normally wouldn’t be so bad, but I had no idea where I was.

Bad: I think my ATM card is at the strip club.

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