Scar Tissue – I kept busy yesterday, which was …

Scar Tissue

– I kept busy yesterday, which was really good since I was afraid of locking myself in my room and having a staring contest with my ceiling for most of the day. Kit and I hung out with Kate, visited the land of Pinoys, and saw Team America. I wish I was cheerier for Kate; I tried my best, but couldn’t muster up much. I was really happy to see her for the first time in…uhm, a really long time. Those feelings were just drowned out by other stuff.

– David Ortiz looks like a really fun and happy guy, but he’s with the enemy and is therefore also really scary.

– I hope I get a sunny day this week. It looks like rain for the most part. Symbolism! Yeah, that’s it genius — it’s just like the fire that’s about to go out and the rain starting as you say goodbye.

– In addition to drunk dialing and drunk blogging, I’ve discovered a new ability: drunk livejournal replying. I think my exact words were, bite me@ i’m drunka dn i hate you and evetyhhning.”

– 1602 was pretty enjoyable and quite surprising. It was fun, but there was an abundance of cheesey one-liners. I expect this from…well, me…but never would I have guessed that Neil Gaiman was a cornball too.

– I should probably take a day off this week. I need to be strong for my team as we head towards “Confrontation Thursday.” They deserve to be stood up and spoken for when they can’t or won’t do it for themselves. Of course, I need to make it through the week too and it’s going to be a struggle.

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