Countdown – Well, this is it. It’s set up exact…


– Well, this is it. It’s set up exactly how I said I was going to do it. Will I see it through? I honestly don’t know. I’ve set it up to be too insane for me not to follow though…but I’m awfully talented at running and hiding.

– I’ve been having weird mood swings this week. It’s not my usual binge happiness / binge sadness thing. I’ve been alternating between doubting everything I do and believing in myself in an unreasonable way. I’ve been on the positive for the last 36 hours. I believe I’m awesome, I believe in doing things my way, and I believe love conquers all. It just came out of nowhere. I was staring at the city and all of the sudden felt great about everything. It’s like I took that potion from Big Trouble in Little China.

– I keep looking for signs to jinx everything. I saw a black cat approaching and was thinking, “A-ha! It’s a sign!” It turned out that the black cat had white paws. It stopped by to hang out with me for a bit too.

– It’s funny exploiting your nearest and dearest to get traffic.

– Kate’s here tomorrow! Maybe I’ll have something really wonderful to share with her. Maybe I’ll be weeping on her shoulder.

– I haven’t had a drink since Sunday. I think I should get some kind of medal…or perhaps a trophy.

– Whoa, I just had an idea that would escalate tonight from insane to psychotic.

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