I’ll Take Potpourri for $600 – The Yankees win!…

I’ll Take Potpourri for $600

– The Yankees win!!! The-e-e-e-e-e Yankees win!!! To all my buddies from the New England area: ha.

– I went to Phil’s Coffee again. It truly is the most amazing coffee I’ve ever had. From the beans selected just by Phil to the unique brewing process to the little sprig of mint in the cup, it’s just the most brilliant cup of coffee ever. Phil brewed me up a Philharmonic (an Italian blend) and it was so good that it almost transcended coffee into a beverage that’s suited for Olympus. I’m so irked that it took me more than six months to walk into the place. It’s almost as dumb as hating someone incredibly amazing for two years.

– I finally got to catch up with Tony and Brandy. They picked me up from the airport when I moved back to San Francisco in April and we haven’t been able to catch up until tonight. How silly of all of us.

– Work is pretty interesting right now. I’d love to watch how everything is going to pan out…but I can’t since I’m directly involved…and the office politics aren’t on television…and it would probably be a stupid show anyway.

– My best wishes go out to my pals at Game Informer. That’s quite a ruckus you’ve stirred! Whether I think you’re wrong or right, I hope you don’t lose much respect from your peers. There are a bunch of you that I genuinely care about. You’re too good to let a small situation — which didn’t directly involve you — bring you down. Wow, I think I’m listening to too much Xtina. “You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Paper Mario 2 reviews won’t bring you down.”

– I’m struggling with The 7. I know they work. I’ve seen them work. It just feels so foreign to me — almost as if it’s not who I’m supposed to be. It’s like when Denise Richards had to play a nuclear physicist in that Bond movie — she had the script in front of her, but she was woefully ill-suited for that role. What a stupid analogy that was.

Part of me is thinking, “Look, your history sucks. Try something new and try to change.” But more of me is thinking, “Find someone that works with you just as you are. If you have to compromise yourself then what will you end up with? Plus, you can be annoyingly stubborn so be like frickin’ Sinatra and do it your way.” Part of me hopes that my brain stops having conversations with itself.

– Saturday should be interesting. Should I stay or should I go? I’ll probably flip a coin and let fate decide.

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