Consoles and Women So I was channeling my inner…

Consoles and Women

So I was channeling my inner hack yesterday and wrote this column. Originally I was going for an analogy that made the PSP the big corporate machine with big numbers and no soul, while the DS would be the distinct system that wasn’t as successful but dared to be different. (Bonus points if you know what I’m whining about.) Instead I wrote this silly thing equating each system to women. I did get one rad reader mail though! Check it out:

“I really liked your article comparing the next portable systems to types of females. It was cute. I plan on buying both systems when they release.

One thing you forgot to mention is that to keep the stripper (PSP) and get the best use out of her, it is going to be more expensive than with the chick who has the charming personality and also very attractive(DS). For example, to use the movie feature of the PSP you’re expected to spend money on buying movies in UMD format. Hot strippers are high maintenance and taxing on your wallet.”

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