J.Lag Well, I pretty much deserve this. Hours a…


Well, I pretty much deserve this. Hours after landing back home I proclaimed that I defeated jet lag and would have few problems adjusting back to PST. A 10PM to 1:30AM nap pretty much killed that. Unlike tequila, I am not impervious to jet leg. To quote Batman, “That was a humbling experience.”

On a positive note, I’m falling back into my routine fairly easily. After filing two more previews and updating my GameSpy blog, I text messaged Ether / Cliff, got an al pastor super burrito at Tonayense, and got coffee at Farley’s. Tomorrow I’ll go boxing after work. This weekend I’ll hit up Buddha Bar. If I end up going out for karaoke then my San Francisco checklist will be complete. It’s kind of sad that I pretty much only do the same six things.

I have so many pictures from Tokyo. I’m still deciding how to break it up. Right now it’s in two big sections. Four would be ideal, but it wouldn’t tell the story I want to tell. I finally got around to posting the pictures from the week before Tokyo Game Show. The captions are crap because I don’t remember the little details from that week (I was on a sadness binge). Anyway, check them out.

Oh yeah, I was quoted in a New York Post article. I remember rushing out some quote just to give my friend something to work with. I was writing in Tokyo at the time and wasn’t really concentrating on my friend’s needs. It’s not a bad quote. I feared that I gave her something idiotic.

So Tokyo Game Show 2004 ruled. I had a fantastic time. It was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had in Japan. There were a few embarassing moments of drunken neediness, but all in all it was awesome. It put an abrupt end to my aforementioned sadness binge and kicked off a happiness binge that will hopefully last for a bit. I’ll probably write about it a bit more tomorrow after I’ve processed my pictures.

Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do for the next four hours before I leave to work….

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