3 Mile Kit and I went on a shopping adventure o…

3 Mile

Kit and I went on a shopping adventure on Saturday. We set out to buy one thing each, but ended up on a fun journey that took several hours. Surprisingly, I didn’t raid Lush or buy any shoes. I think it has something to do with having a most(ly) excellent August and September starting out rather wonderfully. I couldn’t even convince myself I was sad (my usual trick for when I’m on the fence on buying shoes). Anyway, it went something like this.

– Thanks to Slick Deals, I was made aware of a fabulous sale at Sunglass Hut. All Armani shades were on sale for $40. I wanted to get at least two pairs (to replace the ones I “lost” in LA and Vegas), but wouldn’t have been mad at myself if I bought six. I ended up with four. The retail for each pair was between $140 to $180. Two of them are definitely me. Two of them are borderline…but considering the savings I’ll make them “me.”

– We continued walking around downtown and eventually made our way to the Virgin Megastore. We were both thirsty so we stopped by Virgin’s cafe, Citizen Cupcake (flame on). After some thirst quenching, I remembered that the Virgin Megastore bugs me. So we decided to take a long walk down Market to Tower Records.

– Along the way we discovered this awesome place called Yum. They had all kinds of awesome sodas there and we got to sip on some ice coffee as we browsed. I bought a diet sugar cane cola and a diet flavored carbonated green tea. The place is so cute and charming and I love that we randomly discovered it. Kate and I found Farley’s that way, so I’m sure Yum will become another one of my favorites. At the very least, I’ll be going back for a few cases of sugar-free Bawls.

– After getting to Tower after a 2.5-mile walk, I was disappointed to learn that Joss Stone’s new album will not be out until 9/28. Thankfully I made a few impulse purcahses. I picked up the Puffy AmiYumi CD, Abba’s Greatest Hits, and Blondie’s Greatest Hits (I’ve lost this album five times). The latter two were on sale. Score.

– Then we went to Tower DVD where I showed incredible restraint by only buying one disc. The special edition of West Side Story was on sale for $20 so I picked it up. Shut up. Musicals are cool and Natalie Wood was hot.

– Random: One time Rannie and I were at this Tower. It was when I was freelancing, so I was looking for clips of my stuff. This guy comes up to me and asks if I knew about “these game magazines” because he wanted to get more articles about himself in them. It was the dude that voices Mario. Cool.

– For a little snack, another beverage, and to get rid of the previously consumer beverages, we went to Cafe Baghdad. I’m not sure I’ve been there since I’ve moved back, but it was a common haunt in my first tour of San Francisco. It’s 24 hours and conveniently located. Kit had an incredible slice–if you can really call it that– of carrot cake and I had a sliver of bread budding.

– Finally, we walked to the 16th Street BART stop and took it home. All together we walked a little over three miles, which was brilliant for a lovely San Francisco summer day. (They don’t tell the tourists that the warm months in SF are September and October. Tee-hee.) I just love walking. It’s the New Yorker in me. And the weather was so phenomenal that it would have been criminal to stay inside.

– Anyway, I’ll be modelling my new shades throughout the next two weeks to decide which ones will come to Japan with me. Telegenic shades are important. Actually, anything that covers my face is important. I’m still waiting for masks to get fashionable again….

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