Shields Up! So I’m supposed to make myself emot…

Shields Up!

So I’m supposed to make myself emotionally impervious. I’m pretty sure I can’t. My powers over feelings aren’t nearly as potent as my powers over tequila. As my buddy ordered (or perhaps suggested), I am to activate my shields and not let it get to me. Of course this means that I’m totally going to get ridiculous with it. Sorry, that’s just how I’m built.

Here are some pics from last Friday’s fun. It’s somewhat disturbing how many karaoke pics I’ve snapped in the last year. It’s interesting how the crowd has changed in such a short time too(I’m pretty sure Shane will always be at karaoke though).

Here are some pics of my trip to The OC. Bryn and Rachel have a most darling son. Parenting is totally boss (for those guys anyway). It’s funny…almost exactly a year ago, Bryn, Rach, Steve, and I were silly drunk in Laguna playing in the ocean. Now, Bryn and Rach have a son, Steve is growing up again (mostly because I’m not around to regress him), and I’m…uh, still getting silly drunk in the ocean.

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