Fun and Sun Well that was interesting…. Frida…

Fun and Sun

Well that was interesting…. Friday was quite fun in a very diverse way. I had lots of fun with my new buddy and capped off the evening with drunken karaoke (no blackouts or embarrassing tirades this time). Things started off at Farley’s, where I could be seen yelling into my phone and hiding behind a tree. We went to Buddha Lounge for a quick pre-dinner shot of Ng Ka Py. After dinner we tried unsuccessfully to give our leftovers to a homeless person, which transitioned into an unsuccessful food delivery. Then it was back to Buddha for more drinks. We then caught up with the people being wined and dined by Konami at The Commodore. A whole bunch of us went to Japan Town for karaoke. We went to Do-Re-Mi, which was a nice change from USA. It was mostly cool, but like many karaoke sessions there was a portion that was spoiled by white people we didn’t know. Oh well, at least they didn’t pick lame ass songs like the last group of white strangers.

So now I’m waiting for my flight to The OC. It was delayed. Bleh. My brother wants to go surfing tomorrow, but the people in Huntington Beach can be mean so I think I’ll just hang out and catch some sun. Hopefully I’ll get to meet Bryn’s new son, catch up with Leah, have lunch with Frags, go to Shin Sen Gumi, go to Curr House, go to Taco Mesa, and spend a bunch of time with Steve. Wait a minute…I just realized I’m coming back to San Francisco on Tuesday and leaving to San Diego on Wednesday. Ech…I should have just changed my original itinerary. United can keep the paltry 1,000 miles.

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