You’re Once…Twice…. Lionel Richie totally r…

You’re Once…Twice….

Lionel Richie totally ruled. I think he lost his powers when he got rid of the afro…that or when his wife beat him up.

Anyway, she cancelled on me once because she was busy with work. Okay, that’s fine. I can appreciate that. She cancelled on me a second time because she had to take care of a personal thing. That’s fine too. I can understand.

If I were a betting man (like I was in 2001 when I went to Vegas 14 times), I’d say that it’s a certainty that she’ll cancel on me tomorrow. That will leave her free to do as she wishes and leave me looking like Tom from Tom & Jerry. You know when Jerry tricks Tom into a trap and Tom’s head is transformed into a lollipop? That will be me.

Still, the whole thing is rather interesting because there’s a chance we’ll actually hang out. Even though the probability is small, it’ll be fun to find out…and I pretty much have to do it. It’s kind of like hitting on 16 against a queen.

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