Speedy An odd thing has been happening at the g…


An odd thing has been happening at the gym this week — my proficiency with the speed bag has improved out of nowhere. I’ve always been able to hit it well with either hand, but this week I can get it going with both hands (please get your minds out of the gutter). It’s not quite so fast that it makes that wickedly cool sound, but it’s better than it has ever been…which is just weird. Naturally, I have a theory about this. Perhaps all the tequila I had last week has magically improved my hand-eye coordination and the effect is permanent. Okay, it’s not the best theory I’ve ever come up with, but I can’t really think of a good explanation for my newfound handspeed.

Ryan posted a pair of my interviews from Cabo. In my interview with Feargus you can hear the beginnings of my Danny Bonaduce voice. It’s a little embarrassing. Thankfully I only had one minor flub in the interview. My voice sounds somewhat normal in my interview with Ed Stark, but that one wasn’t as interesting and I had one major flub and two minor ones. Now go watch them so that my employers think that it’s worth their money sending me around the world to talk to people, be my fabulous self, tool around with a microphone and occasionally write things.

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