Face Down in Cabo Despite what other people hav…

Face Down in Cabo

Despite what other people have been saying, I’m still impervious. I pretty much passed out in my room after yesterday’s pool time. I didn’t hear any of the phone calls (eight voicemails…lamers) from people trying to wake me up for dinner. I did wake up feeling refreshed and ready to rally. So after playing in the cantina for a bit, we went poolside. I had not intention of going in so I didn’t change. Unfortunately for my khakis, I accidentally went in the pool. I wonder if they’re dry yet? Let me check…nope.

This morning was a little rough, but I still maintain that my super powers are kickin’. I mean, even Superman let Lex Luthor get away once or twice. Still, I’m proud that I woke up early and was on time for the work stuff. Too bad my imperviousness isn’t transferable. Ryan looks like he took all the hangovers I should have had over the last three days and kept them for himself.

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