Displacement Ray July was as stable as my life …

Displacement Ray

July was as stable as my life gets. I didn’t go anywhere until the very end of the month. Being in one place for more than two weeks is extremely rare for me. If you told me that I’d be in the same place for four weeks, I’d call you a liar. For better and for worse, my life is shifting back to its normal (abnormal?) state.

My LA trip kicked it off. Five nights and six days of silliness. Tomorrow I leave for Cabo for four nights and five days of mischief. There’s a good chance that I’ll have to go to Florida for the weekend right when I get back. Then I get a week of home before going to San Diego for a couple of days. Last, but not least I’ll be going to London for a week. Somewhere in there I have to fit in a vital trip to The OC.

All of the sudden I’m reminded of when I first moved to Irvine. It took a year before it felt like home to me. I’ve been back in San Francisco for five months, and even though I see lots of old friends and go to lots of my favorite haunts, it doesn’t feel like home yet. Part of it is that I’ve yet to fully unpack and fully decorate my room. Part of it is that I haven’t been spending enough time in my happy place (Farley’s, duh). Part of it is that I haven’t really made any efforts to spend time with anyone except for Rannie.

This new person wants to spend time with me and I’ve been really resistant to the idea. Initially it was because I was really drunk when I asked her to hang out and I have no idea how I would entertain her sober. Then I decided that I have way too many female friends…but after some thought I realized that I really don’t. Kate’s in LA, Raina is pretty much gone from my life again, Tammy’s a grown up now, and Jennie’s starting a new adventure. I was actually hoping to have Anna around so I could do things that require a female (i.e. seeing sappy movies and going shopping), but I don’t think she’ll be spending time with me anymore.

So hanging out with this new person seems like a really good idea all of the sudden. I’m still a bit apprehensive about it since I honestly don’t know why she wants to hang out with me. Maybe she’ll become my new companion to do girly things with. And maybe she’ll help me find my new home. Now I just have to figure out when I can see her. She’s busy and I have my ridiculous travel schedule. Maybe she’ll forget. Oh well.

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